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Twenty20 World Cup 2012- Indian playing 11 for SUPER 8

Today the second round of 20-20 world cup 2012 begins; the Super 8 round. Out of 8 teams four will qualify for the semifinals. Each team will play 3 matches in this round to qualify for the semis. There are … Continue reading

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I do not do things because “I am not one of them”. This is what I spoke to a friend. (I call him a friend now, or he has forced this upon me, in reality he was and will always … Continue reading

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IF- An inspiration

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CHETAN BHAGAT: revolution 2020

CHETAN BHAGAT @)@) When I searched for the meaning of the word PLAGIARISM, THIS IS WHAT I GOT:- The unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work, as by not crediting the author: What made me to look for the exact meaning of this word is: I just finished reading the latest … Continue reading

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Retail Investing- Four golden rules

The dilemma of investing in stock market looms large in the mind of the individuals, especially when it comes to investing directly in equity. It becomes more so in the light of all the news around and the advises that … Continue reading

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Sell in MAY

The fear that stocks are overdue for a correction has been playing in the minds of many investors and specially with the period of MAY- October knocking at the doors. Yes there is a new concern, statistically at least. The … Continue reading

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India Versus Pakistan world cup Semi Finals, 2011.

All of us have gone crazy! We are gearing to settle so many scores; rather than just one match of cricket. The sponsors could have never asked for more. And all cricket loving people of India would not have closed … Continue reading

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A generalist or an specialist!

In India the education system has a bias towards producing generalists even in specialist courses. It is more obvious when you talk to students from engineering and MBA background.  A mechanical engineer could be found working as software professional or a finance major can … Continue reading

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Hello world!

I am an Equity Analyst, trader and trainer. I love numbers, charts and uncertainty of markets and life at the same time. The areas of my interests are Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Portfolio Management, Valuations and Risk Management. I deal with all … Continue reading

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