Twenty20 World Cup 2012- Indian playing 11 for SUPER 8

Today the second round of 20-20 world cup 2012 begins; the Super 8 round. Out of 8 teams four will qualify for the semifinals. Each team will play 3 matches in this round to qualify for the semis. There are 2 groups, therefore 2 teams from each group will qualify. India will be playing Australia, South Africa and Pakistan in this round.

The Indian team

Team India

is facing a situation of whom to play in the final 11 and whom to not.My playing eleven for the super 8 round for Twenty20 world cup,2012 ; in Batting order is:

1) Gautam Gambhir

2) Virat kohli

3) Rohit sharma

4) Yuvraj Singh

5) Suresh Raina

6) M S Dhoni

7) Irfan Pathan

8) Ashwin

9) Harbhajan Singh

10) Piyush chawla

11) Zaheer Khan.

If Virendar Shewag is fit than I play Virendar in place of Gambhir. Yes, Gambhir needs to go. Secondly in bowling, I play my 5 best bowlers. After watching the first round of matches, it is evident that the slow bowlers or spinners have the edge in this tournament. Dhoni needs to speak to his fast bowlers; Pathan and Zaheer and ask them to hit the deck and bend their back for 12 overs in the three matches of Super 8. they need to start with bowling 3 overs each, the power play overs and then come back and bowl the last two overs. They need to bowl around 135kph. That is it. In between we will bowl only spinners. And If Shewag is playing all others but for Dhoni can also turn around their hand. We have 10 bowlers playing. The best part  on the other side is all our bowlers, Pathan, Ashwin, Chawla, Harbhajan and Zaheer can swing their bat. Therefore this is a team; Assuming Shewag is playing; where everyone can bowl and bat decently if need be. Remember Pathan was sent as opener, therefore we need not play 7th batsmen. Its only 20 overs.

The names above is in batting order and we need not experiment with it at all for the 3 matches.



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  1. ljgodbolt says:

    Thank you for liking so many posts on my blog 🙂

  2. Author_4_U says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog, I enjoy it:)

  3. Miss Alister says:

    And here it is almost time for the 2014 ICC World Twenty20! Perhaps you will post again?!

  4. firecook says:

    Thank you for liking my post. Have a nice day and Good Luck on your blog:)

  5. irinadim says:

    An Indian is not an Indian if he doesn’t like cricket. 🙂

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  6. kgbethlehem says:

    good write up, looking forward to the next world cup actually…

  7. I am not a soccer fan but I did watch the match Germany vs Italy in early 1980’s and was at the edge of my seat the whole game. Thanks visit my blog.

  8. annetbell says:

    Good luck India !

  9. Victor Ho says:

    No cricket on TV here. I suppose I could track some down on the ‘net. But lack of exposure leaves me mystified about the interest that others have. Still i can appreciate your passion for the sport. I hope your favorite will do well. All the best.

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