India Versus Pakistan world cup Semi Finals, 2011.

Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary, an ardent fan of Tendu...

Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary, an ardent fan of Tendulkar who earned the privilege of tickets to all of India’s home games (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All of us have gone crazy! We are gearing to settle so many scores; rather than just one match of cricket. The sponsors could have never asked for more. And all cricket loving people of India would not have closed this financial year on a bigger note. Two arch rivals would play a game called cricket, but it would mean so many different things for so many wonderful people of the sub-continent and the world over.

Sachin would get his 100th hundred. It would not get bigger then this for the little master too. Remember with his hundred India needs to win too. In the last two occasions in this world cup when the master played, the rest of the batters were too mesmerized to play; England and South Africa game. This is my first and last wish for the day, “Sachin’s ton and India’s victory.” I hope a lot of others would be with me for these two wishes.

Now what else is going on? Mr. prime minister, you too are playing game. The corporate world is playing their own. The Bollywood is participating too. Anyone left! The quite peaceful city of Chandigarh is having sleepless nights. The whole country is trying to get into it. The people of Chandigarh, I hope would play a great host. The warmth of Punjab and Haryana would be on display. If India wins, the leg & peg would flow.

All over in the offices in India, the employees are asking a half day holiday or the arrangement to watch the match in the office itself. Cricket bhakts have started their pujas and fast too. One of my friends has his mangal fast today devoted to this cause. Yes these are the common things happening all around. The advertisers are the happy lot too. If India wins the other beneficiary would be IPL, starting very shortly. The fever would go on. For the students who were appearing for their board exams, most of the papers are over. Tomorrow, the semi final day is being planned, the parties and the get-togethers’ invitations are pouring in. Whatever would be the outcome the mood is upbeat. India has got another festival this year, one more to our long list.

For the playing eleven, go guys and give your best, the best you would have never thought of. And wish that it is better than the opponent. All the best, Dhoni and team.

For all of us, let us play with true sport spirit and the better team of the day take away all the glories. We all have wishes and remember the same wishes our counterparts too have. We need to respect their spaces and our own. Only one side would be happy and the other would have to tell itself, the world has not ended, lets live for the another day. Memories will linger on for the time to come and the day would be rewind many a times in everyone action and speech.

Whichever side wins, one thing is for sure, the CRICKET has already won. The mad cricketing crowd of India has begun the party, the win will make it more wilder…….


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2 Responses to India Versus Pakistan world cup Semi Finals, 2011.

  1. Mirza Usman says:

    Still Remember those moments..

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