A generalist or an specialist!

In India the education system has a bias towards producing generalists even in specialist courses. It is more obvious when you talk to students from engineering and MBA background.  A mechanical engineer could be found working as software professional or a finance major can be found in sales role.The question is that do we really know how to balance the churning out of generalist as well as specialist simultaneously? Is our education system ready to take on this role? With technology rendering anything and everything obsolete within years, are we ready for the challenges?

Education is our right. This is simple. The challenge is imparting education to millions of Indians. Do we have the capacity to absorb so many educated people in our economy? And here we require a strategical education policy. We really need to apply ourselves in creating a pool of women and men who would not serve only the present but would also ensure that the future generations are even served better. A task which is hard to vision and even harder to apply.

Primary,secondary and higher education. Now we need to draft “vision and mission ” for each stage separately. These three are the broadest segmentation one could imagine for our education system. The dissection needs to be much detailed. If India can mange its human population , really as a resource then the world will possibly be a better place to live for a larger number of humans.

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6 Responses to A generalist or an specialist!

  1. regan222 says:

    Thank you for pausing to read my blog. I am an educator in the US and I found your observations interesting. Is Education a right of the people, or is the “opportunity” for education what we should be given? I have many pupils in my high school classes but very few students. Would any country not be better served by educating those with the interest and ability and by training others in some useful trade? (I realize the argument could be made that this is education also.) In America we believe that a free education is the right of all people and almost everyone shuffles through the public educational system but so very few take advantage of what they are given and really use it.

  2. WildWave says:

    Love t wide range of posts here. People might study in one nd wrk in another stream but they know nothing of both which is sad. I remember my first manager onsite was a small time journalist turned manager in IT industry but her grasp of the issue nd her effectivr mgmt style made me appreciate her thoroughness.

  3. LucyJartz says:

    With so much change over the last decade in how business is conducted, I think it may be best to have a good dose of generalization to allow for adaptation. Specialization may be too narrow a path for rising businessmen.

  4. There was a special on 60 Minutes a couple of years about education in India. It regarded how young people strive to get into high quality Indian science schools (as good or better than M.I.T.). Your thoughts on education are interesting. I don’t know much about education outside the United States. I strongly believe education is the key to success in any country.

    Good luck with you blog.

  5. dweezer19 says:

    This is a very interesting concept. I feel we have too many college educated people here in the US when the market will never be able to provide the kind of return on their educational investment that so many hope for. Meanwhile, our high schools have discontinued many programs such as arts, home economics and mechanical arts in the name of better “practical” courses such as computer programming and keyboarding. Do they really think everyone could-or should- go into these fields? What about that thing which lies deep within a person’s soul that calls out for honor and recognition. They might want to plant gardens or make a home or write poetry, play an instrument. We all love music. Does that mean that only those gifted few who are Juliard material should be able to actively pursue their dream? Educational focus needs to be more balanced between what society needs and what it’s people envision. Thanks for this great post.

  6. Education is the right of every person. Even if a child will not grow up to be a neurosurgeon or the director of a major corporation, school can ensure that everyone reaches his or her potential.
    Thank you for following my blog.

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